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You will know how to shrink volume size on SD card with ease after reading the following content.

Shrink volume size on SD card

Title: There Are Two Ways to Shrink Volume Size on SD Card


Keywords: shrink volume size on SD card, shrink Windows partition, manage SD partition


Description: You will know how to shrink volume size on SD card with ease after reading the following content.


Shrink Volume Size on SD Card

SD card, short for Secure Digital Memory Card, is a memory card based on semiconductor flash technology. It is widely used on MP3, digital cameras, cell phones and laptop. SD card is a kind of memory card that has been most widely used on the current digital devices. It owns a series of features, such as large capacity, high performance and good security.


We know that SD card hasn’t been partitioned by professionals before we bought it. So, we have to partition it by ourselves if we want to. This may cause the existence of unreasonable partition. For example, a certain partition may be too large while others are too small. Under this situation, users may choose to shrink volume size on SD card in order to add space to partitions which are lack of free space.


Then, how many partitions are usually divided on SD card? Let’s take 4G of SD card for an example. Usually, we will divided a 4G SD card into three partitions: a FAT32 partition (storage partition to store users’ music and image files), an EXT4 partition (the role of it is to install users’ applications to SD card rather than mobile devices in order to enhance system stability as well as running speed) and a swap partition (it is system cache generally no more than 96 MB, because the capacity of this partition has effect on SD card service life).


If FAT32 partition on SD card is short of free space while EXT4 partition has large amount of space, users may plan to manage SD partition at once. We intensely suggest users to shrink volume size on SD card with software. Of course, users may think about using Disk Management to achieve this. So, in the following content, we will show users two ways to shrink Windows partition.


Shrink Windows Partition with Disk Management

  1. Users should press “Win + R” to open “Run” window first. They need to enter “msc” in the input box and click “OK” to directly open “Disk Management” window.



  1. Users need to right click a certain partition they want to shrink and select “Shrink Volume”.


Note 1: If there exist important data on the chosen partition, users had better make a data backup first to avoid data loss.


Note 2: Users should know that DM in some computer OS, such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2012 doesn’t have “Shrink Volume” function. If users use these OS, they can choose to shrink partition with software.


  1. In the pop-up window, users should enter the amount of space to shrink in MB and click “Shrink” to carry out the pending operations.


  1. After operation was finished, users can see that the certain partition chosen in step two has been successfully shrunk in the main interface of “Disk Management”.


Next, we will tell users how to manage SD partition with partition magic alternative, namely MiniTool Partition Wizard. The “Move/Resize Partition” function of this software can help users shrink volume size on SD card with ease.



  1. Choose the target partition and click “Move/Resize” from the tool bar after launching MiniTool Partition Wizard.



  1. Drag the left small black triangle rightwards or the right small black triangle leftwards to shrink partition and then click “OK” to go back to the main interface of this partition magic.


  1. Click “Apply” and select “Yes” to perform the pending change.


  1. Wait patiently for the completion of operation.


Now, users can smoothly shrink volume size on SD card in order to well manage SD partition with the above-mentioned two ways.



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