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Unemployment Reasons and Solutions in Pakistan. How to finish unemployment in Pakistan

In this article you will know Unemployment Reasons and Solutions in Pakistan. Almighty Allah has bestowed upon Pakistan unlimited resources but problem is that our government is not utilizing our natural resources etc. Government is using these resources only for self-interest. They are not using these resources for country interest.

The prime Problem In Pakistan is unemployment. Unemployment Rates In Pakistan is continually increasing in Pakistan because of no merit and corrupt politicians. Our government is not doing proper planning. When unemployment is rising then crimes are also increasing very fast. Unemployment is creating many problems for people. If you are rich in Pakistan then you will definitely get a good job. Without money and reference you will never get any good job in Pakistan.

Middle class people are backbone of Pakistan. But government is not giving them preference to our middle class people. Middle class people are very sensitive people and most of middle class people are educated but they are not getting jobs because Pakistan Government are selling jobs. They are selling Grade 17 jobs on 17 lakes and Grade 12 job on 12 lakes etc.

Pakistani graduates are very talented and hardworking. But still they are unemployed. They are not getting jobs in Pakistan. There is no value of education in Pakistan. Therefore, it is reason that our talented people are migrating to others countries to get jobs.

Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan

There are many Causes Of Unemployment in Pakistan. I have discussed some causes of unemployment in Pakistan above but now I will explain further causes of unemployment in Pakistan below:

Growth of Population in Pakistan:

Our Population growth is increasing very fast. It also increase unemployment ratio in Pakistan because there is no proper planning to control population. Our illiterate people are doing marriages at very young age. They don’t know about family planning. They are considering family planning as a sin. So our populations are increasing. Then they are not getting jobs in Pakistan. If population of country is increasing without proper planning then it creates unemployment and crimes are automatically increasing with unemployment.

Poor Education System in Pakistan:

Our education system is very poor. In our institutions we are teaching only theory. We are not teaching them practical work. In Pakistan we don’t have one education system. There are English medium, Urdu medium and Madrasa education system etc. There are many universities they are just selling degrees. They are not teaching them technical and practical work. Therefore, our students are not getting jobs. Government jobs are impossible for middle class people. But in multinational companies they are giving jobs on reference and technical skills. But our universities are just selling degree. Therefore, they don’t have technical knowledge. Then they are not getting jobs in multinational companies.

Terrorism in Pakistan:

Terrorism also increased Unemployment Rate in Pakistan. Multinational companies left Pakistan because of terrorism. Pakistan government is not doing proper planning about terrorism. Because government are getting aids from foreign countries to finished terrorism.  But actually they are not finishing terrorism. They are increasing terrorism. Only middle class and poor people are dying in terrorism and drone attacks. Our politicians are safe. From terrorism unemployment rate is increasing. Companies are moving to Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, China, UAE, and Singapore etc. They are staring business in other countries because they are not safe in Pakistan. From this unemployment are increasing in Pakistan.

Violence in Pakistan:

There is no law for rich people in Pakistan.  Law is only for middle class and poor people. Rich people will do murders, corruption etc. but our government will not say anything to them. If there is no law in Pakistan then how foreign investment will come to Pakistan.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan:

Energy crisis also increased Unemployment in Pakistan.  Almighty Allah has bestowed upon Pakistan unlimited natural resources but our government is not using those resources for country interest. Because they are corrupt people. We made atomic bomb but we are unable to make new dams. There are many resources in Pakistan to produce energy but our government  don’t have time to utilize those resources. Our government  are unable to provide electricity and gas to houses. Then how they will provide electricity and gas to industries. Our industries have stopped working because industries are running on electricity and gas. Therefore, unemployment rate increased in Pakistan in last 11 years.

Unemployment Solutions in Pakistan:

Government should do proper planning for reducing unemployment in Pakistan. I am giving few suggestion to Government of Pakistan. They should implement below suggestion to finish unemployment in Pakistan.

  • Why people loved Army government because in Army government people are getting jobs on merit. Government should focus on merit. Give jobs to deserve people on merit. Create as much as possible job opportunities for youth etc.
  • Government should not waste money on Benazir Income Support Programme. Instead of this program they should create small industries. From this people will get jobs. Unemployment will be finished.
  • Government should not waste money on Prime Minister Laptop Scheme because they are wasting money on Laptops schemes and deserve people are not getting Laptops. Instead of Laptop scheme they should create small industries and give jobs to youth on merit.
  • Government should focus on energy crises. We can make Atomic Bomb but we can’t make water and solar dams. They should finish energy crises and make dams. If industries are getting electricity they will do more work. From this they will create employment opportunities in Pakistan.
  • Now a days world is become global village. Pakistan should keep good relationships with all neighbor countries.
  • Government should focus on Self Employment. Create opportunities of self-employment. If one person is self-employee then he can hire 8 more people with himself. It will finish unemployment in Pakistan.
  • There should be one education system in Pakistan. They should teach them Quran, Technical Education and English etc.
  • At least Matric education should be compulsory and free for all Pakistanis.
  • Government should focus on health. Without health people will not do work properly and efficiently.
  • Government should focus on private sector. Private sectors are doing better work than government.
  • Government should focus on controlling population. They should teach everybody about family planning etc.
  • Government should focus on road. If roads are good. Then people will do import and export easily.
  • Government should keep environment clean and green.
  • Government should hang all corrupt people in public places. Otherwise corruption will not finish in Pakistan.
  • Government should focus on agriculture. Give training to all farmers free.
  • Government should teach latest education in universities.
  • There are mineral and gold mountains in Pakistan. Government should utilize those mountains. If Pakistan utilize one gold mountain for a country. Then every child of Pakistan will be billionaire.
  • There should be one law for everyone.
  • Government should finish terrorism in Pakistan as soon as possible.
  • Government should make Asian union block like Europe union. It will increase employment and business opportunities.
  • Government should give safety to all Multinationals companies and other industries in Pakistan.
  • Government should give value to Middle class people. Middle class people are backbone of Pakistan.

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