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Are you tired of remembering too many passwords for so many devices and for each and every account


Are you tired of remembering too many passwords for so many devices and for each and every account? Well if you are then the Motorola password pill is for you. The Motorola password pill would turn you into a living human password. The good news is that the pill has got the FDA approval.

How does the Pill work?

When you ingest the pill and it gets into your gastric juices it gets activated. Inside the pill is a chip, which has a switch.  The pill emits an 18-bit signal, which would unlock your smartphone, laptops, cars and so many other devices. Your body would be your password as long as the pill is inside you. Regina Dugan is the senior vice president for Motorola. She says that when you swallow the pill you become a cyborg. It turns your hands into alligator clips and your arms into wires. When you touch your phone, car, your door or laptop you are authenticated in. Dugan states that the pill is completely safe and can be taken up to 30 times a day.  The pill has also been tested on users’ cell phone for authentication. But the pill isn’t available yet for purchase. However, it remains unclear that how much would the pill cost. Would you need to get a subscription from a doctor for it? Would the signal stop emitting if the pill is passed out?

How will it benefit us?

First of all, it would provide you with the ease of never having to remember any of your passwords. You take a vitamin pill every day, instead how about you take a vitamin password pill? The most important advantage of the pill is that it will protect you from hackers. People are irritated by authentication so much that they don’t usually put passwords on their phones and laptops. Even those who do protect their gadgets, it’s not very difficult to hack them.

Individuals will benefit from this device but so will businesses. Many businesses do not take their security seriously. They don’t update their security systems or provide too much access to the employees. Many companies have competitive advantage in how they do stuff. If your competitor gets to know about that the business is doomed. So it will definitely protect businesses and their secret data.

Will people accept it?

People may not be comfortable with swallowing a pill every day which will emit a signal from their body. It’s too invasive. Then there’s the problem of forgetting to take the pill. Imagine you forgot to take the pill and went outside. None of your devices will work. What a disaster? Then there are the health issues. People will question about the side effects. But we can only know exactly what will happen once the pill is launched in the market. It’s definitely an interesting innovation and we would like to see it in the market.

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