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Pakistani student Ozair Belal stands 2nd in Microsoft Student Partner Insider Program ranking globally. He is a student of PAF Karachi Institute of Economic & Technology.

Microsoft Student Partners is sponsoring students from technology backgrounds. They will have knowledge about Microsoft software and tools etc. Microsoft Student Partners Program is almost available in all countries. All students of colleges and universes level are eligible for Microsoft Student Partners Program. If any student is accepted in this program then they are arranging different seminars and they are giving presentations to other students about Microsoft products. They are staring new projects. This program was started in 2001. This program was operating in 15 countries from 2001 to 2006. In 2006 this program was expanded to 35 other countries. So, in 2006 Microsoft Student Partners Program was operating in 50 countries. In 2010 this program was operating in 101 countries and there were 2800 members of this program.

Ozair Belal was selected in this program in 2012 and he is working in this program since 2012. During this period he had arranged many seminars and workshops etc. on Microsoft technologies. He is also working in his university as well as other universities for promoting Microsoft Student Partners Program.

Ozair Belal performance was outstanding in April 2015. Therefore, he was selected President for South Region i.e., province Baluchistan and Sindh. He was also invited for Microsoft Student Partners Program Worldwide Summit 2015 to represent Pakistan at Seattle USA.

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