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Successfully Retrieve Formatted Files after Reinstalling Windows System

Retrieve formatted files

Title: Successfully Retrieve Formatted Files after Reinstalling Windows System


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Description: Don’t be anxious about how to retrieve formatted files after reinstalling Windows system. Just try using Power Data Recovery to solve it.


Users need to reinstall operating system for some reasons. For example, the performance of current system cannot meet users’ needs any more, and they have to install a new system to take place of the existing one. Or they just want to install a second system. And there exists a third case that users intend to reinstall the current system. This will bring damage to data in system drive as well.


Types of System Reinstallation

The first and last case that users intend to reinstall a new or the current system, which is going to replace the current one, will cause damage to the system drive (usually C drive) if they don’t make a backup in advance. This is because the whole C drive will be formatted and then new system will be copied to it. So, here comes a question – how to retrieve formatted files or how to recover data after reinstalling Windows?


The second case is also called clean installation, which means two or multiple systems coexist. In this case, such installation will not cause data loss because operating systems are saved in different drives, and new system is harmless to previous one.


Method for Retrieving Formatted Files after Reinstalling Windows System

If users adopt the second reinstallation mode, they don’t need to worry about this issue of data loss for nearly no damage is caused to data. But it is certain that users who adopt the first mode are eager to know how to recover data from formatted drive.


Actually, lost data caused by reinstalling system are retrievable. But not all of them can be recovered. This is because the newly copied system will overwrite some data, which will be lost permanently. Except for these overwritten data, other data that are not covered can be restored if users resort to a reliable program, such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a piece of professional file recovery software.


A detailed display of how to accomplish file recovery will be shown in the following sections.



Run Power Data Recovery to get this interface. Activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” to start.



Choose C drive to detect the formatted files by clicking “Full Scan”.



Select the desired files from the found ones listed in the interface. Then, hit “Save” to set the storing position.



Finally, after choosing another partition to save the selected files, users need to click “OK” to continue and then click “OK” again on the pop-up interface to put an end to the recovery work.


That is all for how to retrieve formatted files by making use of Power Data Recovery. If users meet familiar issues, such as restoring formatted hard drive or other storage devices, they can also choose this file recovery software to perform data recovery.


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