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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Main Specifications and Customer Reviews in Urdu Hindi

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Main Specifications and Customer Reviews

Today I am going to share about “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” specifications and customer reviews. We took online interviews from 11 buyers of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. They share their views about this smartphone.

“Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” is the most expensive smartphone in Samsung Galaxy Family. Its price is US $947. This smartphone is made for upper class people because the smartphone is very expensive. Lower and middle class people cannot afford to buy this smartphone.

Main Specification of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Memory: This mobile is comes in three different internal memories i.e., 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. If you are a lover of large memory then this smartphone will suit you. You can save a lot of data in this smartphone.

Operating System: In this smartphone Android Lollipop operating system is installed. Lollipop is android’s latest operating system. Android Lollipop is installed only in few smartphones. Lollipop is 5th version of android operating system.

Battery: Its battery size is 2600 mAh. I think 2600 mAh is quiet big battery.

Internet Connectivity: This smartphone supports 3G, 4G and LTE. The Wi-Fi range is also good; it can capture Wi-Fi signals from a long range. This smartphone is 3 in 1 because this smart phone supports 3G, 4G and LTE. In other smartphone only one thing is supported. For example, if it is supporting 4G than it will not support 3G and LTE. If it’s supporting LTE then it won’t support 3G and 4G. But the good news is that “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” supports 3G, 4G and LTE.

Camera: Camera of this smartphone is just brilliant. Front camera is 5 mega pixels and back camera is 16 mega pixels. If you are selfie lovers then S6 is best for you because its front camera is 5 mega pixels. It’s common knowledge that Samsung cameras are of very high quality. Its back camera is 16 mega pixels. Unbelievable! Now you will capture HD pictures as well as record HD videos.

Processor: Its processor is Quad Core. Heavy Games and apps will run smoothly on this processor. It’s time to play heavy games on S6.

11 Trusted Customers Reviews

  1. Tom: Tom tells us that price of this smartphone seems reasonable to him. Because in this smartphone specifications are very high. So price of this smartphone is seems quite equitable. Therefore he bought two smartphones one for himself and 2nd one for his father.
  2. Sahil: Sahil tell us that there is nothing special in this smartphone. Only bending screen is good. He also tells us that Samsung note series is better than Samsung S series.
  3. Junaid: Junaid give us very positive review. He says that his smartphone is much better than Samsung S5. He further tells us that camera quality, screen quality of this smartphone is wonderful. Internet speed is quite fast in this smartphone. Even edge speed is also better than Samsung S5. He tells us that Samsung S5 is also a good smartphone but it cannot be compared to S6. This smartphone is just awesome.
  4. Williams: Williams tell us that Samsung is copying everything from Apple. Like other smartphone this time they again copied the smartphone features etc. from Apple. They are not working on innovation. They are just copying everything from Apple.
  5. Huzaifah: Huzaifah tells us that 4G mobile required at least 3500 mAh battery. But in this smartphone battery is just 2600 mAh. When we are using 4G so, consumes battery very fast. Battery timing of this smartphone is very bad but other features of this smartphone are great. Main drawback is low battery timing.
  6. Charles: Charles tells us that “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” price is very high. If someone is reselling this smartphone he will lose a lot of money.
  7. Ansari: Ansari tell us that he used over 20 android smartphone but this smartphone battery timing is worst compare to other smartphones” He was very angry. Therefore, we didn’t ask further questions from him.
  8. Kim: Kim tells us this smartphone is full copy of IPhone 6.
  9. Zeeshan: He tells us that this smartphone is full copy of IPhone 6. Samsung copy this brand from iPhone 6.
  10. Ranjeet: Ranjeet tell us that Samsung s5 is better than s6. Even note series is also better than “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge”.
  11. Lita: Lita tell us that “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” is a good smartphone but its very expensive and it battery time is very low.


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