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Rose water is obtained by soaking rose petals in water. It is a by-product obtained from manufacturing of rose oil

Rose water is a blessing of nature. It has so many benefits that why every single person isn’t using it. In this article I will tell you about the benefits of rose water and some methods of how to use it.


Rose water is obtained by soaking rose petals in water. It is a by-product obtained from manufacturing of rose oil. It is used in cooking as well as for medical purposes. It’s also used to cure skin problems and for eye ailments. The method of obtaining rose water through steam has been refined by Avicenna, a Persian Chemist. This helped in mass producing rose water more economically.


Rose water has multiple uses. It’s used in the cuisines in many cultures especially in Persia. It is used in flavoured milk, sweets, fruit juices etc.

It’s also used in cold creams, perfumes, and eye ointments. It’s also sprayed directly on the face to moisturize and freshen it.

It’s also used for washing the Kaaba. The zamzam water is mixed with rose water and then it’s used to  wash the Kaaba.


  • It can reduce puffiness of the eyes. Put rose water in fridge for some time. Then apply to your eyes with cotton. It will relieve your sore eyes.
  • By simply spraying rose water on your face a few times a day will help moisten your skin and give you a glow. Especially in summer time, it can be very beneficial.
  • To soften your skin you can also add rose water to your bath it will soothe your body and give you the perfect fragrance.
  • You can also use it as a makeup remover. When removing makeup, spray rose water on your face and then remove your makeup with a cotton pad.
  • It can also be used to set your makeup. After applying makeup you can spray rose water on your face and it will give the perfect finishing touch to your makeup.
  • It can also be used as an after-shave or after wax. Apply it on your waxed or shaved skin and it will soften it immediately.
  • It maintains the pH balance of your skin and keeps it fresh.
  • It can cure dermatitis, eczema and acne.
  • Wounds, cuts and scars can also be cured by applying rose water to your skin.
  • It calms your skin and helps relieve anxiety and stress.
  • It also acts as a natural skin toner.
  • It can also help in regeneration of the skin cells.
  • It’s also very beneficial for hair and can help cure fungal infections and dandruff.
  • It also slows the aging process and prevents wrinkles.
  • It can condition your hair. After shampooing take a cup of rose water and rinse your hair with it. It will help retain the luster of your hair.
  • It can also help remove dead skin. Add a table spoon of rose water to gram flour and make a paste by adding milk. Use it on your face as a scrub. Wash it out, your skin will soften and glow.
  • It’s also very beneficial for teeth and gums. Use it as a mouth wash and it will relieve you of your dental problems. It also helps you get rid of bad breath.
  • It can also help sun burnt or irritated skin.
  • The fragrance of rose water is a natural mood lifter. It also reduces your stress levels. The best way is to apply it at night and wakeup fresh in the morning.
  • It promotes hair growth by enhancing blood circulation.
  • You can mix rose water with fenugreek powder and apply it on your scalp to prevent dandruff.


Side Effects:

It’s a natural product so it does not have any side effects and is beneficial for all skin types. Although, when it’s applied to infected eyes it may cause burning and irritation. But it’s only temporary and soothes the eyes afterwards.


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