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How to Rename and Merge Blocked Facebook Page in 2017 in Urdu Hindi

How to Rename and Merge Blocked Facebook Page in 2017

Today I will show you official method of “Renaming Facebook Page after getting 200 plus likes”. I have received a lot of messages from PAKCREAMY.com  visitors and social media friends. They were telling me that make tutorial on “Renaming Facebook Page after 200 plus likes”. They have big Facebook pages and they wanna sell their Facebook pages on different companies but companies are saying to them that rename Facebook pages to their desire names.

People can rename Facebook page easily if there are less than 200 likes but if there are more than 200 likes then people cannot rename their Facebook pages easily. Then some technical work will require. But don’t worry in today’s tutorial you will learn simple official and legal method of Facebook page renaming.

Keep in the mind this is not track. This is official method. Kindly check below all steps carefully. Otherwise there will be problem in renaming Facebook pages. I have attached snapshots too.

Step 1:

First of all you will need United States of America IP address. If you are not living in United States of America then download any United Stated of America IP / VPN. There are many free VPN’s i.e.  ZenMate, DotVPN etc. Download and install any VPN.

Step 2:

Turn on you VPN. I have install ZenMate VPN in Google Chrome Browser. Check snapshots.

Step 3:

Now click on “Change Location” and chose “United States”.


Step 4: Clear browsing history. If you didn’t clear browsing history. Then Facebook page renaming option will not visible in your Facebook page.


If you don’t wanna to clear browsing history then open browser in “New incognito window”. In “New incognito window” it will be working. Kindly check that your VPN is still on in “New incognito window” or turn off. If it is turn off. Turn on it again and select United State as your IP address again. Below are snapshots of “New incognito window”.


Step 5:

Login to your Facebook account and open your page.

Step 6:

Then click on “About”.

Step 7:

Then click on “Edit” at the right hand side of the name.

Step 8:

Now click on “Request Change”. It will be located near name.

Step 9:
New window will be open. Kindly fill form according to your situation. Give your own details in this form. What is category of your page? What is your desire new name for Facebook page? Why you wanna rename this Facebook page? Check below snapshots of the form.


Step 10:

After filling Facebook page renaming request form. Then you will receive email from Facebook and your Facebook page will be renamed soon.

I hope you will like my tutorial. Kindly share our website PAKCREAMY.com with your all friends and family. Keep visiting PAKCREAMY.com. If you have any other Information Technology problem. Kindly tell me, I will solve your problem. I will make another tutorial on your problem.

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