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The president of FIFA has announced his resignation from FIFA

Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA has announced his resignation from FIFA. The president is undergoing an investigation in USA. He was re-elected last week in the FIFA election in spite of the corruption cases against FIFA. He is going to perform his duties till a replacement is found for his position.

Why resign now?

Initially, he had no plans of resigning. He said that if he resigned it would mean he admits that he has done wrong. But now he realizes that it’s a lost cause. He was facing a fight both from the outside and from within. The US authorities may prosecute him further. He also faced trouble from within FIFA. The sponsors were extremely angry over the last week’s events. Blatter realized that he is facing a lot of trouble and it would be better to resign than dealing with it all.

It’s also a tactful move announcing his resignation now. If he had announced it earlier before the election his opponent Al-Hussein would have won the election without any opposition. But now Blatter has won the election. He is going to be acting as the president till they find a new one. It is a slow process and he might be president till end of this year.

But the resignation does not mean that he won’t be exposed if he is guilty. He is as much as risk as he was yesterday.

How did he announce his resignation?

An unscheduled press conference was arranged. In that press conference Blatter announced that he was going to resign. It was a bit of a shock for the crowd because no one expected him to resign a few days after winning the election. Blatter looked unhappy as he was going to resign an office he served for fourty years.

When is a new president going to be elected?       

Blatter says that he is going to persuade the executive board to organize an extraordinary congress in which the members are going to elect the new president. The congress is likely to take place in March 2016.

Who are the candidates for next FIFA president?

Prince Al-Hussein was Blatter’s challenger in the election last week. He is a likely candidate for the position. He claims that he is quite ready for the job and he has always been there to serve FIFA.

Another likely candidate is president of Uefa, Michael Platini. He wasn’t willing to stand against Blatter during the election but this is a good chance for him to come into action. David Granola may also be willing to take his chances, but he’s not very likely to win.


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