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People of the country who trade or eat beef should leave the country

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says that those who cannot live without eat meat should go to Pakistan or any other country where it is available. He is India’s Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and belongs to BJP. He said this to the consulting editor, of India Today Group, Rajdeep Sardesai. He was asked by Sardesai what was his government doing to for the welfare of minorities

Naqvi says that it is a sensitive issue for the Hindus and hence profit and loss should not matter. He claims that even the Muslims are against it. When asked that is he asking all the people of the country who trade or eat beef should leave the country. He said that if you can’t live without beef it’s never going to be allowed in this country.

Asaduddin Owasi, the leader of AIMIM was also present in the panel. He questioned Naqvi whether he’s asking the Chief Minister of Goa Laxmikant Pareskar to leave the country because he assured the people of Goa that beaf would not be banned there, no matter what.

Pareskar said in an interview with Indian Express said that how could he ban meat. More than 30 percent of population of Goa includes minorities. He has to take care of them. Minority of Goa which includes Christians and Muslims consumes meat. It’s not like they recently started consuming it. So it’s not possible to ban meat consumption. He assured the people of Goa that Goa will never ban meat.

However, Rajhnath Singh, Union Home Minister says that government will work to impose a complete ban on meat. Slaughtering cows can never be allowed in India. But we can’t ignore the fact that India is the fifth biggest consumer and the 2nd largest exporter of beef.

Amit Shah, the BJP president was invited to a beef party last month as a protest against the party’s motive to completely ban beef in the country. Some leaders of other parties organized a beef party near BJP office as a protest against the move.

Ram Madhav leader of BJP said that in North East there isn’t any proposal to ban beef. In some states of India there has been ban long time ago, but because of the demographic configuration of North East beef cannot be banned there.

Naqvi in defence of the government’s efforts for minority said that minorities will benefit from many steps taken by the government to eliminate poverty among the minorities.

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