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Pakistani Wrestlers Selected in WWE in Urdu

Badshah Pehlwan Khan is the first Pakistani wrestler to be selected in WWE. He belongs to Wah in Pakistan. He is twenty-one years old. He learnt Lucha Libre which is a Mexican style combat in France. His prefers aerial style of combat with tiger bomb and suicidal dive as the main features.

Pakistani nation has a great interest in sports. Whether it be the old generation or the new one. Many Pakistani children play pretend wrestling. They have this dream of performing special moves on the big stage. But as they grow up the dream of defeating the bit shots of WWE fades out.

But for Badshah the dream came true. He loved wrestling since his childhood. When he was 11 years old he used to be disappointed about the fact that there are no Pakistani international wrestlers. This motivated him even more to play for Pakistan in the international wrestling forums like World Wide Entertainment (WWE).

Badshah shared his feelings about wrestling as a child. When he used to see American, Japanese or European wrestlers in the field, he wanted to be the first Pakistani wrestler on the professional wrestling platform.

He wasn’t able to make to the WWE Tough Enough. The WWE tough enough is a reality show where new wrestlers compete and train for the WWE contract. But Badshah has his hopes up. He is hopeful that he would be able to represent Pakistan on New Japanese Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and WWE.

He usually wears a green and white sherwani as his wrestling dress. It shows his patriotism to his country because white and green are the colours of Pakistani flag. A bhangra song plays in the background when he enters the ring. Bhagra is Punjabi traditional music.  People love his attire because they have never seen anything like it. Mostly the wrestlers are in their trunks but he is the only one wearing a sherwani.

He calls his finishing move the Badshahiat. This name also has a desi touch to it. He has adopted this ring persona because he represents the Pakistani nation and wants to be recognized as a Pakistani on international forum. He said that a guy from France told him that he would want to be a Pakistani so he would be able to wear the sherwani. This shows that the way he represents himself influences the audience, which he is proud of.

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