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Pakistan and Kashmir cannot be separated Pakistan Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif

Pakistan Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif in a conference at National Defense University (NDU) said that Pakistan and Kashmir cannot be separated. He said that Kashmir is an unfinished business of partition of subcontinent. He said that he wants peace in Kashmir and want a fair resolution of the problem under United Nations and according to the wishes of Kashmiri people.

He further said in the conference that enemies want create conflict and disruption in the country. But we won’t tolerate any proxy wars used by other countries in Pakistan. During the past weeks many assertions have been made that India is involved in spreading terrorism within Pakistan. Pakistan army claims that Indian Secret Service, RAW is involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

Chaudry Nisar also made a statement recently saying that not only does India want to destabilize Pakistan but also prevent it from prospering. He also referred to the statement made by Defense Minister of India, in which he admits to spreading terrorism in Pakistan. He further says that this statement by General Raheel Sharif should make it clear to India that Pakistan’s efforts for peace shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness.

In a conference last month General Raheel Said that they are taking strict notice of RAW’s involvement in Pakistan. RAW has been accused many times by our high officials, critics and journalists of being involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. But never has a Chief of Army Staff directly pointed towards it in a conference. It is a proof of that Raheel Sharif has got a much stronger back bone and is ready to tackle with the enemy of the country with all his might.

Aizaz Ahmed Chaudry the Foreign Secretary also said that RAW has played a big hang in terroristic activities in Pakistan. The matter has been discussed with India many times through diplomatic channels but no serious notice has been taken yet.

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