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Numerous top FIFA officials will be arrested in Christmas 2016 again

Who Arrested The FIFA Officials?

Numerous top FIFA officials have been arrested on the charges of corruption on Wednesday morning. Fourteen officials are convicted but all of them weren’t arrested. These arrests were made, at the request of U.S. State Department, by Swiss authorities. The arrests were made in Zurich at Baur au Lac hotel.

What Are the Charges against FIFA Officials?

The fourteen officials have been arrested for money laundering, conspiracy, corruption, wire fraud and racketeering. Wire fraud is a way to obtain money on false promises or pretenses. Racketeering is criminal deed performed for benefitting an organization. Money laundering means covering up the original source of money which is obtained through illegal sources.

Names of FIFA Officials Charged who Face Charges:        

Jeffery Web the president of Concacaf. He’s also the vice president of FIFA. His arrest came as a big shock, because he has been the voice of change of football world. He spoke against corruption and mismanagement. He was active in trying to eradicate corruption from FIFA.

Jack Warner was a major force in FIFA and Concacaf for nearly 3 decades. But he resigned in 2011 because of charges of bribery and corruption against him.

Eugenio Figueredo, the president of football federation of Uruguay till 2006. He was also the vice president of Commebol till 2013. He has been charged of asking for bribes for his seat in 2018 and 2022 world cups.

Eduardo Li, the president of soccer federation of Costa Ricca. He’s a member of Concacaf’s executive committee.

Nicolas Leoz was the president of Conmebol till 2013. He resigned on the basis of personal issues and health. But the actual reason was that he had taken bribe from a marketing partner.

Jose Marin, the president of soccer federation of Brazil till April 2015 includes this list. Julio Rocha was the president of soccer federation of Nicaraguan has been charged of corruption. Rafael Esquivel is the president of soccer federation of Venezuela has also been charged. Costas Takkas was the general secretary of soccer federation of Cayman Islands.  North American Soccer League’s Chairman, Aaron Davidson has also been charged. The list also includes Alejandro Burzaco who is a media executive and Mariano and Hugo Jinkis who are media executives for football.

FIFA Has Been Criticized for Lack of Transparency and Corruption:

FIFA has been criticized for corruption all over the world. Those allegedly involved have corrupted football to serve their own interests. The corrupt practices have plagued the top ranking officials for at least 24 years.

Awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar has been the targeted by a lot of criticism. Slave workers have been building the world cup stadium and many of them have died.

What About the FIFA Election?

Sepp Blatter who is the president of FIFA is not among those who have been charged. He was expected to win the elections again for the fifth time. He wanted to delay the election ballot which was to be conducted this Friday. But the election won’t be delayed and will take place on Friday as scheduled.


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