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Member of a group known as French Montana’s Coke boys

Chinx Drugz né Lionel Pickens has been shot dead. According to the police the rapper and another passenger were in his Porsche when a suspect in another vehicle shot them down. 31 year old, Pickens was shot multiple times and suffered from those wounds. The other passenger who was 27 was shot twice and is in a serious condition. Police has made no arrests and the investigation is still proceeding.

The front and the rear of the car have got at least 7 bullet holes. After the shooting the shooter sped off. The witnesses say that the police came and opened the doors but Pickens just looked lifeless.

They wounded were taken to Jamaica Hospital. Pickens died while the other guy was in a serious condition but is stable, reports the police. The rapper’s managers mourned his death by posting a picture on instagram.

Chinx Drugz whose real name is Lionel Pickens was born on 3rd December, 1983. He was the member of a group known as French Montana’s Coke boys. Coke boy Mix tapes and Cocaine Riot Two mix tape series are the ones that Pickens is best known for.

The rapper was brought up in Far Rock, New York. The rapper started rapping just for fun in high school. In 9th grade he started taking his career in music seriously and started saving up money for it. He used to smoke a lot of weed so he got the name Drugz and Chinx because an older lady used to call him that and it stuck.

Pickens first solo mix tape “hurry up and die Vol.1” was released on 13th April, 2009. After that he released “Hurry up and die” Vol.2 and. The fourth mixtape “flight 2011” was released on 15th March 2011. The fifth mixtape the “cocaine riot” was released on 19th April 2011.

The rapper was very close to the Kardashians as well. Khloe Kardashian posted a collage in instagram and captioning it “the best times”. Rob Kardashian also tweeted “another star lost before reaching his full potential”.

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