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lemon and water can help with weight loss in Happy New Year 2017

Lemon and water for weight loss


Drinking lemon and water can help with weight loss. Lemon helps in improving digestion and aides your bowel movements and as you know that an effective digestion is the first step towards losing weight.  It also helps in fighting hunger craving. It also keeps your tummy full so you won’t crave food for a little while. The trick is to squeeze lemon in warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Make it a daily routine to drink lemon and water for weight loss and you will see the results in a few weeks.

Other than aiding in weight loss, drinking lemon and water also has many other benefits:

  • It acts as a diuretic and helps reducing bloating.
  • It contains vitamin C and thus helps in improving the immune system
  • It clears skin and reduces wrinkles as well due to the presence of antioxidants
  • It also boosts mood and makes you energetic.
  • It improves healing and deals with internal infections and injuries
  • It also makes your breath fresh

So, it’s a perfect drink to start your morning with as it gives you an energetic boost, helps your immune system and most importantly lemon and water aides in weight loss.


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