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James Holmes news in Urdu Hindi

James Holmes news in Urdu Hindi. James Holmes is held guilty on Thursday for murdering 12 people in a movie theatre at Aurora Colorado in July 2012. But the question whether he will face a death sentence remains unanswered. Instead of 12 murder counts Holmes was charged with 24 murder counts. The reason being that separate charges have been brought forward by the prosecutors. One was murder with extreme indifference and the other murder with intent. He was found guilty on all twenty-four counts.

James pleaded had pleaded his case by providing the reason of insanity. He did not show any response or signs of remorse when his verdict was announced. He was also held guilty in attempted murder of one hundred-forty people and seventy that got wounded during the shooting. He was also found guilty of possessing an explosive.

The family of deceased and those who survived the shooting all waited for the verdict in courtroom gallery. While waiting for the verdict mother of a victim held her daughter’s scarf to her eyes. The family members were relieved after hearing the verdict and they continuously supported each other during the verdict.

The sentence may take a month to be announced. Two years ago the prosecutors indicated they would seek out death sentence. But Holmes’ lawyers argue that due to his plea for insanity he should not be charged with a death sentence. He also said that as Holmes has a mental illness he was unable to control his thoughts or actions.

Almost 200 witnesses were brought to the court by prosecutors. They included Holmes’ class fellows and people who knew him, and also his ex-girlfriend. All of them said that Holmes was in his senses and was fully aware while he killed those people. They insisted that he was in a healthy mental condition and he his actions were performed to cause pain.

On the night of the massacre Holmes entered the theatre were “the Dark Knight” was being screened. He walked out of the theatre and returned 20 minutes later wearing a helmet, gloves and gas mask. A tear gas explosion was heard in the theatre after which Holmes opened fire, killing 12 people. The firing stopped after he was arrested outside the theatre.

Arlene and Robert Holmes, the parents of the shooter that they grieve for the people who died in the theatre. But they still insist that their son being mentally ill should not be tried or convicted.

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