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Iran News in Hindi Urdu

Iran News in Hindi Urdu . After almost 2 years of talks, a deal has been reached concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program. It is the main concern of Obama’s foreign policy and it’s altering the relations between West and Iran. The final meeting was held in Vienna in which representatives of United States, Iran and other nations participated.

President Barak Obama is going to answer any questions related to the issue on Wednesday in a conference held at the White House. The president claimed that the deal achieved all that he had in mind during the negotiation. The deal will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The basis of the deal, Obama said, is verification and not trust.

Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President also spoke about the deal with a positive attitude. In an address to his people he said that their prayers have been answered and the deal will have a positive outcome.

The crux of the deal is that with imposed limitation on Iran’s nuclear activities, it will be allowed to continuation of the atomic program for a peaceful cause.

The Gist of the Deal:

The deal imposes the reduction of Iranian centrifuges. It also places limitation of uranium research. Iran will also have to ship the fuel it utilizes out of the country. For almost 20 years the storage and production of centrifuges would be monitored and the uranium mining will be tracked.

The deal is not over:

But the story does not end with this deal. Republicans in US congress may severely oppose the agreement. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister also criticized the deal and called it a historical mistake. He claimed that the deal agreed upon all those things which were to inhibit Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But Obama called him for reassuring him that Israel’s security was a priority. He also said that the deal hasn’t decreased their concerns about Iran.

The deal is going to be reviewed by the congress for which they are given 60 days. This will give the opposition a lot of time to challenge the agreement. In Iran the deal will require the support of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the ultimate leader of Iran.


Key Participants Celebrate the Deal:

Mohammad Javed Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister said that the deal was far from perfect but it was a historical milestone.

John Kerry, U.S secretary of state also acclaimed the deal saying that it brought them closer to peace and away from conflict.

The world powers have made the deal so Iran cannot become a nuclear power and Iran has got relieved of the economic sanctions. The deal appears to be a win-win but only time will tell how affective it is.

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