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Immigrants to need to blend in the American culture quickly : Bobby Jindal

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal made an announcement on Wednesday that he is going to run for president in 2016. He is the first serious Indian American candidate to take part in presidential elections. The Oxford graduate focused on refurbishing the health and education systems of his state. There are twelve other candidates running for the presidential elections and Jindal is lagging behind them. Many polls show only one percent support for him among the voters.

His advisors say that his most important trait is that he is bold and courageous. He recently announced that he was against gay marriages. He is very open about things that normal politicians feel uneasy talking about. He also criticized his fellow republicans for giving in to President Obama on matters of health care and immigration. He also says that the immigrants to need to blend in the American culture quickly. He also suggested that the followers of fundamental Islamic beliefs should be banned from coming to U.S.A, because he doesn’t want them to start imposing shariah law in the country.

A decade ago his future seemed much brighter than it does now. Steve Schmidt, the republican strategist said that it is not the matter of whether he will become the president but when he will be the president. Jindal took conservative stance towards social issues and budget of his state. Each time he took a step he lost the faith of people who admired him for his head strong personality.

His difficulties on the national stage started when he was chosen to give the Republican Party response to the first address of President Obama. He appeared to be extremely slow and solemn. It seemed as if he was explaining the government to children. After which he has adopted a strict anti-tax policy in his state to get in the good books of conservatives.

The legislators however, are unhappy about his stance on budget. They have even made efforts to stop paying for his security at events of his presidential campaign. Jindal’s campaign slogan is Believe Again. But he doesn’t even have a full right to motto because it is also being used by Ted Cruz.

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