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The human brain is an amazing creation of God

The human brain is an amazing creation of God. We don’t know the full power of human mind yet we have achieved so much. We only use 10 percent of our brain. Imagine how much we could achieve if we used rest of the 90 percent. Everything that existed in the world was a thought. Our mind converted it into reality. Every invention that any scientist made was an idea or a thought in his mind.

There was a French Chemist Amuel Cooay a French chemist experimented with hypnosis and developed his own theory of autosuggestion. His theory consisted of two principals; the first is that the mind can think only one thought at a time, second is that concentration on a single thought repeatedly makes it true because the mind believes it and converts it into reality. He cured thousands of patients through this technique. He used to hypnotize his patients and tell that “every day in every way you are getting better and better.” Now this theory is pretty simple so one might say that it’s not authentic. But no matter how simple a theory is, what matters the most is its results. In this case the results are miraculous.

The problem with our mindset is that we rely on our left brain too much. Let me tell you the difference between the functions of left and right brain. The left brain is involved in what we call convergent thinking. Its function is to think practically. Its orientation is towards logical and rational thinking. It deals with facts and figures. The right brain is involved in what we call divergent thinking. It’s more creative, imaginative and intuitive. It functions our sixth sense and is responsible for our spirituality. We have become so much dependent on the left side of our brain that our right brain has become dormant. Using just the left side our brain is just like walking with one hand tied behind our back. The elementary schools play a major role in this. Our education system is left brain oriented. Therefore, the right brain does not develop the way it should.

Now, when you tell yourself things like “I can’t” or “No” or “never” you are just putting obstacles in your way. Because your mind wants to serve you the best it can. When you tell your brain that you can’t do something, it just facilitates you at its best. Your mind or brain takes you for your word. When you tell it that you can do something it will facilitate you with that. So try conveying positive messages to your mind and it will become your powerful tool.

Although you can achieve a lot by telling your mind positive things but the most important thing is FAITH. Without faith you cannot achieve anything. When you tell your mind something you need to actually believe in it. Faith comprises of three things; desire, belief and expectancy. Desire has led to everything that man ever accomplished. Belief and expectancy helped power that desire. So give these theories a thought, apply them in your daily life and unleash the true power of your mind.



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