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Hollywood news in Hindi

Hollywood news in Hindi . Inside out, the Pixar production has been released today. Usually in the Pixar animations the characters are not human but in this movie they are emotions. There is Rage, Fear, Sadness, Disgust and Joy. This movie is about the amazing adventures that these characters take on. All these adventures take place in a little girl Riley’s brain.

The movie’s main theme is grief. It’s has these amazing characters but mainly it’s tells you about loss. It has positivity and a lot of laughs but the main things it talks about is sorrow. It tells you that sadness is the most powerful emotion in life. It suggests that rather than being afraid of sorrow it should be embraced.

The movie entails these five emotions and how they are in a constant struggle to take over your personality. These emotions work inside Riley’s brain. She has spent most of her childhood being happy thanks to the sincere efforts of Joy. The voice of Joy has been performed by Amy Poehler and she has done a fantastic job. Riley’s parents move from San Francisco to Minnesota and Riley’s life changes completely. Queer things start happening in Riley’s brain. The good memories which are labelled yellow by Joy start turning blue. Riley’s entire personality changes. Rage becomes more dominant. The movie tells you what can happen to a little happy girl when she becomes depressed and angry. Her personality traits start changing.

The movie is more about the destination and not so much about the journey. The most important thing that the movie speaks of is that Joy just loses control as Riley grows. Sadness isn’t just unavoidable it’s a compulsory state. Riley has an imaginary friend named Bing Bong. He’s always at the risk of getting memory dumped. The movie inferred that Joy and innocence diminish as you grow older.

The movie talks about basic emotions. But it’s not about Joy winning over Sadness. It tells you that Sadness is an important part of life. It’s better to embrace it than fight it. It’s all about leaving childhood behind and all the happiness that it brings which is quite sad.

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