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Hair Loss Dark Circles Body Odour treatment in Hindi Urdu and Home Made lipstick in Urdu Hindi

Hair Loss:

Remedy 1:

Take half cup yellow or white lentils and half cup amla or Phyllanthus emblica. Now take two table spoon lemon peels. Add them to the mixture along with hot water and grind it all. Apply on hair and leave it for 10 minutes. It will effectively reduce hair fall.

Remedy 2:   

Take a fresh green coconut. Open its hole and add a fist of fenugreek seeds in it. Cover the hole with a chewing gum.  Dig the coconut near the roots of a tree. The coconut will get all the nutrients from the roots of tree. Leave it for seven days. Take out the mixture in a bowl. Grind the mixture. Then apply on hair and leave it for half an hour. This remedy is very effective for reducing hair loss and increasing the length of hair.

Remedy 3:  

Take an egg and add yogurt to it. Mix the egg well. Apply on hair. Use a showering cap to cover your hair so that the moisture gets trapped. Leave for 1 hour. It will reduce your hair loss and give you shiny, lustrous hair.

Dark Circles:

Remedy 1:

Take rose water in a bowl. Dip 2-3 spoons in it. Put the spoons in freezer for 2-3 minutes. Now put olive oil on your eyes. Make sure it covers the bags of your eyes. Place the spoon on your eye.

Remedy 2:

Take almond oil, rose water, alum (grinded), and egg white. Boil this mixture in water. Make a paste. Apply on eyes before going to bed.

Body Odour:

Take a glass of water, add mint to it. Boil this water till half is evaporated. Sieve it. Then add rose water and cinnamon. Drink this mixture. It will relieve you of body odour and also add a reddish colour to your cheeks.

 Home Made lipstick:

If you don’t want to ingest lead and other harmful materials from commercially prepared lipstick, you can make your own lipstick at home. Take crayon (colour of your choice) and coconut oil in a small container having a lid. Now put this small container in a larger (non-stick) one, containing water. Allow the crayon to melt. Your home-made lipstick is ready. It also protects your lips from getting dry or sunburnt.

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