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Google along with the doodle has also added to their Google Street View for Christmas 2016

Google along with the doodle has also added to their Google Street View for Christmas 2016 .The Loch Ness Monster is a creature whose existence is a controversy. On 81st anniversary of the photograph of the creature by gynecologist Robert Kenneth Wilson, Google developed an animated doodle to honor the photographer. Wilson took the photograph in 1934 in the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. The photograph shows the head and neck of a serpent like creature. Wilson said that he took the photo while driving in Scottish Highlands, when he noticed something in the water and photographed it. Although, Wilson never said that the photo proved the existence of this sea monster. This photograph has been known as the “surgeons photograph”. Many now believe this photograph to be a hoax.

The existence of the monster known as Loch Ness Monster is still a mystery. Because is existence can neither be proved nor be negated. The creature is known to inhabit Loch Ness in Scotland.  The creature is believed to have serpent-like disposition. The creature is believed to be of pre-historic origin and it belongs to the dinosaurs known as the plesiosaurs. The monster first appeared in a book written by Adomnan in the 7th century, known by the title Life of St. Columba. Columba first heard about the creature when people of Picts were burying a man. They reported that the man was swimming in River Ness, when the beast attacked him and dragged him down into the depths of water. The people tried to rescue him but were only able to recover his body. Saint Columba decided to send his follower to swim through the lake. The beast attacked the follower but Columba made a cross-like sign and commanded the beast to go back and it retreated.

Sightings have also been made in 1871 by a doctor who reported to have seen a creature like an upside down boat; he said that the object was moving slowly at first then moved at a really fast pace. In July, 1933 Spicer and his wife also reported a queer animal crossing the road in front of their vehicle. They saw a creature having long neck and a large body with no limbs. Hugh Gray also took a photograph of the creature in 1933. He saw movement in the water and saw a creature with long neck and large body. However, the photographs were not so clear. Critics also said the creature in the photograph looked like an eel. The creature was also filmed by a South African tourist in 1938. But the footage was not revealed to the investigators. Only the stills were published in a book called “the elusive monster”. These stills have been declared as a substantial evidence for the existence of the creature. In 1960 the creature was also reported to be filmed by Tim Dinsdale. But critics believe the object being filmed looked like a man inside a boat. Another video was made by Gordon Holmes in 2007. It is known to be the best footage of the creature so far. But Holmes is criticized for often reporting seeing mythological creatures. An image of Loch Ness Monster was also captured in 2011 by Marcus Atkinson. But scientists believe it to be zooplankton and algae. George Edwards also took a photograph in 2012 but it is rejected as evidence because it might be fiberglass hump. In 2014 Andrew Dixon reported seeing the monster while using Apple maps. However, critics believe it to be a water boat or an eel causing ripples in water. It is also believed to be a photoshopped image.

Now google along with the doodle has also added to their Google Street View, a new feature in which the users can explore the Loch Ness Lake from below and above.

The creature might exist or might be a myth. Nothing solid has proved its existence nor has anything negated its existence. Many creatures of the water haven’t been discovered by the scientist yet and a large part of the sea animals still remain a mystery. So, one might think that there is a possibility that the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie is one of those mysterious creatures yet to be discovered.



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