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Game of thrones news in Urdu Hindi

Game of thrones news in Urdu Hindi. Spoilers alert for the season finales of Game of thrones!

Game of thrones season finales was quite heart wrenching for many fans. The entire season five was criticized for being a bit dull and predictable as compared to previous seasons. It was until episode 9 that we got some real shocks. The season finale made up for the entire season. It gave us the whole season’s worth of shocks and deaths.

Stannis Baratheon:

For Stannis everything went wrong in the final episode. After the sacrifice of his daughter, Melisandre is quite sure that Stannis will take over Winterfell. She claims that see has seen Bolton’s flags fall to the ground. Well she couldn’t have been more wrong. First, Stannis’s army deserts him. He gets the news that there has been a mutiny and half of the men left, taking all the horses with them. Then he sees his wife Selyse’s body hanged to a tree. She couldn’t bear the loss of her daughter and apparently ended her life. Then shockingly, Melisandre leaves him. Seeing that there is no sign of a victory, she flees to castle black.

Despite all this, Stannis decides to march to Winterfell to fight the Bolton and claim Winterfell. As his army enters Winterfell Stannis is planning a siege but he faces a battle with Bolton’s army. Bolton’s army defeats them. And just like that Stannis loses everything.

As the army is entering Sansa lights a candle in the top left tower. But in all the havoc Brienne of Tarth misses it just by a second.

With his army defeated two soldiers attack Stannis but he kills them and suffers a severe wound to his leg. When Brienne finds out that Stannis’s army is attacking Winterfell she is determined to avenge Renley Baratheon. She asks Stannis that whether he killed his brother by blood magic and he admits his sins. She asks him if he has any last words and he says do your duty.

But Stannis’s death wasn’t one of the shocking things that happened in the last episode. Taking advice from Melisandre, killing his own brother and daughter, he had it coming.

Sansa Stark:

After lighting the candle Sansa tries to go back to her room unnoticed as Bolton’s army marches back. But she is stopped by Myranda, Ramsay’s girlfriend who is accompanied by Theon Greyjoy. She’s wielding a bow at her. She says she won’t kill her but would make her useless for Ramsay. As she is about to attack Sansa, Theon stops her and throws her down the tower. When they see the army heading back, Theon and Sansa jump off the tower as well.

I am relieved that Sansa died. That is, if she has actually died. Her death would relieve her of all her miseries.


Jamie is leaving Dorne with his daughter, Myrcella. Elliara gives her a lingering kiss on the lips. It’s a bit strange, but then you think about how perverted the people are maybe that’s how they say goodbye in Dorne.

Jamie tries to tell Myrcella that he is her father but isn’t able to. Myrcella stops him and says that she knows and she is glad that he is her father. They hug each other. It’s such a euphoric moment for Jamie. His daughter accepted him. But it doesn’t last long. Myrcella starts bleeding from her nose. Back in Dorne Ellaria wipes poisonous venom off her lips and drinks what looks like an antidote. She finally got her revenge.

Cersei Lannister:

Cersei asks the High Sparrow for forgiveness. She confesses of committing adultery. But she does not say anything about Jamie because it would put her children in danger. High Sparrow allows her to return to the Red Keep after her atonement.

Arya Stark:

Arya Stark kills Meryn Trant. She pretends to be someone she’s not by using another girl’s face. But she shows herself to Trant and plunges a dagger his both his eyes. Takes out his eyeballs and cuts his throat. It was quite a brutal scene. Arya finally got someone on her hit list. But the when she returns to Jaqen, he isn’t happy with her. He says that Trant’s life was not hers to take and she stole a life from the Many Faced God. Only death can compensate for life. He’s holding bottle of poison and it seems that he would force it into Arya’s mouth. Instead he drinks it himself. Arya starts weeping that he was her friend. But Jaqen replies from behind her saying that he was no one. She starts pulling the faces off the corpse. She sees one face after another until she sees her own face on the corpse and is blinded.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Daenerys’s Dragon leaves her in a far off land. Jorah and Daario decide to look for their queen while Tyrion is left to govern Meereens in Daenerys’s absence. Varys, the master of whispers returns to Tyrion’s surprise. He offers his expertise to Tyrion, who is glad to accept them.

Daenerys’s lazy and injured dragon is not willing to take her back to Meereen. She takes a walk around the landscape when she sees a horse. It’s not just one horse; she’s surrounded by a dozen Dothraki. As she sees them she drops her ring so that Daario and Jorah can locate her.

Jon Snow:

Back at Castle Black, Jon Snow tells Sam all about his adventures with the white walkers. Sam asks him to send Gilly, the baby and Sam himself to Old Town. So they can be safe and Sam can become a Maester. Jon doesn’t want to let go of his only friend at Castle Black but he agrees.

Jon is in his office when Olly comes in to bring him the news that a Wildling claims to know about Uncle Benjim who had disappeared in the first season. Jon goes out but instead of wildling he finds himself circled by his sworn brothers holding knives. They encircle him around a cross that says traitor. One by one they plunge the dagger in him and shout “for the watch”. Ser Alliser is the first one to stab him. Olly is the last one to stab. He stabs him right in the heart. The look on Jon’s face when he stabs him is heart wrenching because he cared for the boy. The last scene on the episode was blood seeping through Jon Snow’s body onto the snow.

Jon’s death was quite unexpected and depressing for me. I had expected him to last for many seasons to come. And the tiny hope that maybe Melisandre would revive him using her dark magic is gone. Because the directors and Kit Harrington have made it clear that he’s not coming back. All the fans are really angry at Snow’s death. Some say that they killed Snow just for the shock of it not because it adds to the story. One says that this show is dead to her.

Many people died in this season; Sansa, Myrcella, Jon, Stannis. Let’s see how many more will be killed off in the next season. Though, not many are left to kill.

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