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Entertainment News in Urdu Hindi . The legend of horror, Christopher Lee died on 7th June 2015. He suffered from ailment of heart and respiratory problems. The news of his death was withheld by his wife, Birgirt Kroencke for four days till all the friends and relatives were informed. The couple was married for over 50 years.

Sir Christopher Lee acted the role of Dracula, Saruman in Lord of the Rings, villain in James Bond and Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Jinnah.

He was granted the Bafta fellowship award in 2011. In 2009 he was knighted for his contribution to drama. Many in the entertainment industry were grieved to hear about his death.

Director Tim Burton had done five films with Lee. He said that, he was inspired by Christopher and truly admired him. He was honoured to have worked with him on five films and was glad that he was fortunate enough to call him a friend.

Elijah Wood was Lee’s costar on Lord of the Rings. He tweeted to say that Lee was a legendry man and was going to be missed.

The actor was born in 1922. He started his film career in 1947. The first role which made him famous was Frankenstein in the Curse of Frankenstein. However, he got a lot of fame for his role of Dracula with which he wasn’t much pleased. He said they hadn’t given him much to do. One of the roles he performed silently because the lines were horrible. Finally he told the director that he won’t be playing Dracula anymore.

He played a role in 70s movie “The Wicker Man” which was his personal favourite. He said that the movie was quite unpredictable because each character acts quite nice. He also played the role of James Bond villain in the Man with the Golden Gun. He turned down the roles offered in the movies Halloween and Airplane both of which he considered his greatest career regrets.

Lee wasn’t very happy with being branded as a horror actor. In 2001 a new generation got to know him as Saruman in Lord of the Rings and in Star Wars episode as the Count Dooku.

In an interview Lee talked about his passion for acting. He said that he didn’t acting as a job. It was something he truly enjoyed. He also loved to play music and write books but acting truly inspired him.

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