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Earth Day 2017 Date

Google celebrated Earth Day by making an animated striking Doodle which shows earth rotating and animals like the armadillo and corals. Then there comes the quiz! The users who click on the image are redirected to take the Earth Day personality quiz. This is a personality quiz which asks you different questions about your activities on Friday nights, snack choices, things you would like in a partner, your hobbies etc. After solving the quiz it tells you which animal you are. It’s a fun way to acknowledge and celebrate Earth Day.

Now let’s discuss the origin of Earth Day. The idea was brought forth by the US senator, Gaylord Nelson after the Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969. The day was celebrated on 22nd, April, 1970. Over 20 million American citizens participated in the marches that day. In 1990 it was celebrated again with a huge campaign and it was a big success. The event is celebrated to show support for the protection of our environment.

The environment is in danger. We have destroyed the natural habitats of many animals by cutting down forests and littering our seas. We are consuming earth’s resources at a very fast pace. Many animals have become extinct. The Earth Day encourages you to help make the earth greener. It encourages planting trees, installing solar panels, recycling and reusing. It creates awareness among the people and reminds them not to be selfish and take care of their planet. This planet is our only habitat. We have no choice but to take care of it.

Pollution has destroyed mother earth! It is a pressing issue and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. It is causing irreversible damage to our planet. Air pollution is the worst form of pollution. It is caused by the waste released from factories, cars, buses, trucks etc. Even the cigarette smoke and smoke from burning plastic caused air pollution. It releases harmful gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Air conditioners, deodorants and refrigerators release chlorofluorocarbons which is destroying the ozone layer. It is depleting the ozone layer and also causing global warming. Water pollution is caused by industrial waste deposited in lakes, rivers and seas. It has destroyed the marine life and many of the marine species are becoming extinct.

So we need to take care of the earth and stop destroying the environment. That is what Earth Day reminds us each year. We should start planting more and more trees, stop cutting the forests and natural habitats, stop polluting the sea. Taking care of the earth will not only protect its environment but also the human race. Pollution has created so many diseases which a century ago weren’t even heard of. By taking care of the earth we not only make it a safe place for us to live but we also preserve it for our future generations. Earth Day shouldn’t only comprise of rallies and painting your face green. It should mean taking serious action for preservation of the environment. It’s not just the duty of environmental organizations. Every individual should take part in protecting mother Earth.

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