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Donald Trump US Election 2016 news in Hindi

Donald Trump Election 2016 news in Hindi . Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon is going to run for president. On Tuesday he officially announced his presidential campaign. He has been considered it for more than twenty years. Now, finally he has come up with the decision.

He made his announcement in the Trump tower. He claimed that he will make the country great again. He said that he is grieved that the American dream is gone. But if he gets selected he is going to bring it back again.

The Trump tower which he used for the announcement had a symbolic representation. On one hand it shows what a successful business man he is. On the other hand it represents the struggle he will face to shrug off the reality TV label.

The Tower which has been used for the reality show “The Apprentice” represents the challenges he will face to convince voters. He has been on the verge of running for the elections many times. But he has disappointed voters time and again. Now it will be challenge to convince them that he is sincere enough with his campaign. Many people think of him as a Reality TV star. It will be quite difficult to change this image.

Trump exhibited his wealth by declaring his net worth in his announcement which is almost 8 billion Dollars. He made it clear that he won’t change his lifestyle of luxury. He said that his net worth shows his business success. This he claims, qualifies him to be the president because that is what is needed right now. He could create more jobs than any man suitable for this post. His power and wealth would also allow him to get rid of the distinctive interests which he says has controlled American politics over the years.

He says he is going to fund his campaign himself. That would free him from any outside influence. He states that his confidence is what this country needs right now after it has been run by losers.

Trump also disclosed his assets and liabilities on Tuesday. He hopes that his wealth and business career is what will attract voters. Trump says that he has watched and dealt with politicians. They cannot do anything for this country. They are failing miserably.

His supporters think that he would really help the economy of the country. He is a tough man and ready for the job. But it’s quite ambiguous whether he will be accepted by the masses. His supporters are quite confident however. They say that now that he has made it clear that he is running the voters will take him seriously.

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