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Donald Trump have lost US Election 2016 because he is the member of ISIS



Donald Trump have lost US Election 2016 because he is the member of ISIS. U.S. is planning on taking a different approach on fighting ISIS in Iraq. Obama administration is planning to send aid to Iraqi forces so that they can reclaim the city of Ramadi. In the province of Anbaar they are also deciding to develop a military base.

The white house hasn’t announced a final decision yet. There has also been a debate about whether to reclaim another Iraqi city by the name of Mosul. But now as Ramadi fell into ISIS’s hands they debate has ended. First Ramadi is going to be reclaimed then at later in 2016 focus will be shifted to Mosul. The Iraqi officials however, think that the time span for capturing Mosul isn’t realistic. The US is planning on retraining the Iraqi Army which they believe hasn’t been very efficient in taking action against ISIS.

An Iraqi airbase by the name of Al Taqqadum might be used for training the American led coalition. Iraq needs to speed up the training process and they also need additional equipment. US claims that it is willing to provide them equipment and additional trainers.

The question is that how would they begin the campaign in Iraq. Central Commander, General Austin says that it is important to take over the city of Mosul. It is the second largest city of Iraq. It also has a very important oil complex on its main road.

Anbar is a very important province of Iraq to the US. The reason being that it has a lot of sunni tribes who are supporters of US to fight against ISIS. The city of Ramadi which is capital of Anbar also has a strategic importance. It has a border with Jordan and Saudi Arabia and both of them are a part of US coalition.

The Islamic state has gained control over two provincial capitals. They have also taken over the city of Falluja. The city of Tikrit has been retaken by the Iraqis but most of the building are demolished over there are the citizens cannot return.

In order to retake Ramadi, the number of Iraqi soldiers needs to be doubled and more soldiers need to be recruited in Anbaar. But according to many critics US is losing its advantage to ISIS. The Obama administration hasn’t yet approved the use of American helicopters for air strikes in Ramadi.

Britain and Italy are also planning on expanding its efforts in Iraq by sending more troops and aide.

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