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Derek Shepherd was on his way to airport after leaving his post in Washington

Shocking news for the Grey’s Anatomy fans!  Derek Shepherd, the famous neurosurgeon and one of the main characters on the show has been killed off.  The charm of the show is kind off over now.  Rhymes maybe hopeful about the season’s future but I am not so much. The show has already been dragged too much. Too many characters have been killed off. Now killing the main character of the show might be a final blow to it.

Fans are criticizing over what happened in this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy . “I can’t believe that Derek is dead” said one of the fans. “I probably won’t be watching this show anymore” said another fan. The fans are literally heart broken.  They are not only angry about the death of Derek but also the way he died. They say he being such a genius and all so he should have died with some dignity. Additionally, they say he should have died instantly without all the fuss of life- support and creating all the panic with the inexperienced doctors was unnecessary.

Many of the characters in the show have been killed off before. Some were killed because they couldn’t get along with the director. Some were killed because Shonda Rhimes didn’t know how to pursue their story. Sandra Oh who acted the part of Christina Yang also left the show at the end of season 10. But Patrick Dempsey is leaving the show because he wants to pursue other interest. He thinks there is less of a discovery in the show. It’s been on for 10 years now and Dempsey has been a part of it since the very beginning when the show debuted in 2005. Dempsey says that when you are on a show its more of an endurance to be present rather than any discovery.  He says he’s not bored with the show. But it’s not like sitting in a race car.

Derek’s tragic death happened after he made his decision to leave his fancy job in Washington to settle with his family in Seattle. And to make things even more tragic Meredith and Derek had just got their life back together and were deeply in love.  After Derek was away for so long they were really excited to start their life again and were even planning on having a third child. Now Meredith is left a widow of two children.  She had commitment issues and couldn’t settle with a boyfriend. Finally she had got a husband and a family. After so many ups and downs in their married life the couple was finally making their love life work when this tragedy happened.

Derek was on his way to airport after leaving his post in Washington. He narrowly misses a terrible car accident and saves a woman. He saves 4 car accident victims and sends them to hospital. After that he gets hit by a semi. He was still breathing and alive but the inexperienced doctors not giving him proper treatment on time took his life. Meredith got the news from a neurosurgeon who tried to save his life. After hours of misery and confusion Meredith decides to terminate all life-support and says goodbye to her husband.

Dempsey had some clashes with Shonda Rhymes. That is why he was absent from 5 episodes. It was covered up as his new job in Washington. Many other characters of stars have been killed off from the show who had clashes with Shonda Rhymes.  But Dempsey is happy with the Derek’s end. He isn’t surprised with Derek’s fate. It had to happen with the way the story was unfolding. According to him it happened at the right time. So he was Ok with it and thinks that it probably happened for the best.

The show has seen many actors come and go. But none were as important as Derek’s character.  Shonda Rhymes says that she never thought she would say goodbye to Derek’s character. He was one of her favorite characters and it was really sad to have to let him go. It will be difficult for her to get used to the show without him. He was an important character and his absence will be felt. Good luck Shonda for making the show work without Derek!


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