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Daily yoga app is great for beginners. With the step by step voice instruction along with the video you don’t need to go to a yoga class.


Daily yoga app is great for beginners. With the step by step voice instruction along with the video you don’t need to go to a yoga class. All you need with this app is a yoga mat and class is in session. It also plays a soothing music in the background which helps you relax. A lot of the yoga sessions and programs are free but you have to purchase some of them. But even the Pro sessions aren’t that expensive. Try the free sessions and if you think this app is for you, go pro.

How to Use the App:             

First of all you need to search Daily Yoga in your app store. Then you will have to install the plugin. This plugin allows you to download different sessions. So you don’t have to search for the different sessions in the app store. You can find all the pro and free sessions in this plugin.

Features of the App:

The app provides you with yoga sessions, programs, music and a yoga community as well. In the sessions you have yoga for runners, yoga for joint health, yoga breathing for beginners, yoga for better sleep, yoga for healthy neck, yoga for slim legs, office yoga to meditate, lung detox sequence, yoga for a strong back, morning yoga, office yoga to de-stress, yoga for body toning, meditation for beginners, office yoga to keep fit, yoga for glowing skin, yoga for slim waist, yoga for flexibility, yoga for toned arms, sun salutation, seated poses for beginners, standing poses for beginners, yoga for weight loss, yoga for abs, yoga for back, yoga for butt, yoga for chest, lying poses for beginners, yoga sequence for beginners and prenatal yoga. These sessions are from 10 to 30 minutes. You can choose the time of the session according to your stamina.

The yoga programs include: 12 day beginner tour, super weight loss plan, improve your flexibility, a week’s good night sleep, body building in yogalates, Abs toning project, slim chance with hatha. These sessions are from 1 to 5 weeks. You can also set a reminder in these programs. It notifies you when you have to start your yoga sessions and also tells you when you missed one. You can also catch-up when you miss a session on the program.

The app has different types of yoga music which helps you relax while you are doing yoga. It has the yoga moment, meditative harmony and inner nature. The entire music collection is very soothing and makes you very peaceful.

The app also has a yoga community where you can make discussions about different topics with the users. You can ask the professionals to help you out with any problems which you are facing with the app. You can also ask professionals about any queries you have regarding yoga.

­It’s an excellent app as a whole. The only drawback which I could find with the app is that all the sessions are not free. But off course, we can’t expect that to happen as it costs the publishers to develop the app. The app provides excellent instructions along with the video. It tells you how to breathe at each step. If you don’t have time to go to a yoga class it’s an excellent app for you.

Customer Review:

We conducted an online survey in which we asked users their opinions about the Daily yoga app.

Anna says “I love everything about this app, and highly recommend getting the pro version. This app has given me a new passion for yoga”.

Jacques says “It’s easy to use. There are no video problems and the workouts are really relaxing”.

Holoman says “The moves are very simple yet really effective and I really enjoy the music in the background”.

Alex says “Beauty of yoga is in the flow from position to position. The app is uncomfortable and choppy”.

Clark says “The trainers that are free are just as good as the one’s you have to pay for.”

Josie says “This has to be the best fitness app I have ever used.”

Navin says “The content of this app is good; no app can come close to it.”

Michael says “The app is good both for getting started and setting a routine without having to give much thought to it”.

Zola says “The app is the best. I saw immediate results and the trainers work with you through each movement.”

Bradley says “Not only is the app great it’s a great introduction to the yoga world as a beginner.”

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga is really beneficial for health. It helps increase your metabolism and improves blood circulation. It makes you more active. It helps build up your stamina. It relieves you of joint pains. It reduces your stress level. I could go on and on about the benefits of yoga. But if you want to get all these benefits I recommend that you download the Daily Yoga app and see the results yourself.

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