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Ralph Roberts, founder of Comcast Corporation, passed away at the age of 95. He used to sell men’s suspender and belts in 1963 when he wasn’t such a well-known entrepreneur. But he had great ambition and always looked for new opportunities.

In his 40s he invested in a television system, Tupelo which was for sale. He wasn’t very excited about it at the time because he thought there wasn’t much to do. But when he started working in the industry he realized that it was best business he had ever invested in. In 2003 he won the television industry award.

Comcast is quite successful. In USA it is one of the major residential telephone provider. Mr. Ralph Roberts was very friendly and soft spoken. He never acquired a public profile but he had a great impact on the company. He provided viewers with hundreds of channels and convinced them to pay for something which was always free of cost. Media analyst Josh Bernoff said that the modern television industry and the method by which the consumers pay for their television has been invented by Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Roberts said that the basic idea was that people loved television, and they would love it even better if you provided them with more television. Comcast was built by acquisition of different cable systems. He gave the company’s presidency to his son, Brian in 1990. Brian says that as a child he always wanted to work with his dad. He says that his dad was a very optimistic man and he never turned down any idea that Brian put forward. Robert had a gentle personality but he was tough. He could deal with the industry tycoons with a firm hand.

Ralph Roberts was born to Robert Roberts and Sarah on 13th March, 1920. He studied at Wharton School and acquired a degree in economics. He married the actress, Suzanne Fleisher in 1942. In a stressful corporate world which required a lot of time and effort Robert always gave priority to his family. He would always make it home for dinner with his wife and children.

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