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Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 Event Blogging Tracks in Urdu Hindi

Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 Event Blogging Tracks in Urdu Hindi . Following are some of the steps which can help you improve the content of your blog.

Focus on the Title:

Title is one of the most important aspects of article. If you don’t have an eye-catching article, no one’s going to read it. If you want visitors in your site then you need a good title. Spend some time deciding the topic of your article. Take guidance from a friend. Often the mistakes which we ignore in our work others can figure them out. So give importance to the title and you will feel an increase in the traffic.

Be Unique:

Copying someone else is one of the most obvious mistakes to avoid. Keep your articles original and unique. Don’t use softwares for spinning text. It completely destroys the quality of your article. When you use such softwares the content completely loses its meaning. You will only get quantity of articles but they won’t have any quality at all. If you want to write something but don’t have complete information, start doing research. Search different articles and books. When you get enough information combine all the knowledge you gained to write a perfectly original article.

Be simple:

Don’t use a very heavy vocabulary. Try to keep your article as simple as possible. Using difficult words won’t make your article attractive. It just annoys the reader.

Avoid Redundancy:

Don’t repeat your ideas too much. People like to get to the point. They don’t like wasting time over unnecessary repetition. Keep your content to the point. Try to keep sentences short and to the point.  Repetition also makes your content boring. It also reduces average visit duration and increases bounce rate.

Keep Your Articles within a Medium Length:

The length of the article should be such that it covers the topic and also keeps the interest of the reader. Don’t let articles be so short that they are unable to cover the theme of the topic. Short articles cannot deliver detailed information about the topic. The length shouldn’t be too long either. It bores the reader. Keep the articles within a range of 400-800 words.

Make Use of Spell-Check:

Don’t ignore the spell check. When it underlines something for you, correct it. Grammatical and spelling mistakes can be quite irritating for the reader. It also reduces the quality of your content. Readers won’t be able to understand what you are trying to convey. So if you want people to keep on visiting your site, then take care of such mistakes and try to avoid them.

Format and Font size:

Formatting is very essential tool to attract reader. If your article is properly formatted readers will be comfortable while reading it. Now the font should be such which matches the theme of your website and is nice to look at. The font size should neither be too large nor too small. It should be a normal size which makes it easy for the reader to read the article.

Don’t put too Many Keywords in the Article:  

Don’t put keywords everywhere in your article. People usually stuff the headings and the content with the keyword in order to get traffic. This technique worked before but now it doesn’t. It’s bothersome for the readers. Google also checks if you have used too many keywords. It impacts your SEO negatively.

Don’t Write Just for Traffic:

Don’t use such tricks as giving false information to improve your traffic. People use such tricks to get a lot of traffic. It would give you one-time traffic but then those visitors will never come back. If you want readers to be your fans then put quality and accurate information in your blog. When your articles are unique and accurate visitors will keep coming back to your site.

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