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China USA War News in Hindi Urdu

China Building Artificial Islands over South China Sea:

Conflict between U.S and China arose when China ordered U.S.A to stop flight of their military airplanes where china is working on its project of artificial island. China is creating artificial islands in South China Sea to improve its territorial sovereignty. But U.S.A fears that China has ulterior motives behind this project and therefore, wants to ensure that China doesn’t pose a threat.

Conflict between US and China over Spratly Islands:

China claims that these waters are within its control zone but U.S. affirms that they are international waters. Thus, they are planning on sending warships in those waters. Chinese government is extremely displeased with the U.S. flights and urges that these actions are likely to further strain their relations with U.S.

Obama government however is persistent that the U.S.  flights are made over international airspace and China has no right making runways on Spratly Islands. There is a dispute over Spratly Islands among three countries: Vietnam, Philippines and China.

U.S. Fears China’s Motives behind the Artificial Islands:

China is building a 10,000 long runway on one of the Reefs of Spratly Islands. China is building small reefs into large artificial islands. The Chinese government says that these islands are being built to provide a research base. But the Chinese military also says that these islands will be used for essential military defense.

U.S. Claims its Freedom to Fly Over International Airspace:

The U.S. Navy’s chief of media claims that they have freedom to fly over international space. China gave out eight warnings to U.S. planes over the Spratly Islands, the video of which U.S. navy released earlier. U.S. wants to increase its combat ships in international seas. This would further agitate China. Philippines states that similar sort of warnings have been given to their aircraft. China is limiting military planes over what is claimed to be international airspace. This might increase tension between U.S. and China. This might even incite military conflicts among China and U.S.A.

Establishing an artificial island does give rights over neighbouring waters under international law. U.S. has clarified it quite bluntly that it won’t respect Chinese assertion to international airspace.

How Chinese people responded on Social media to the Conflict between U.S. and China?

Chinese taunted China’s failure to keep U.S. off the airspace. On person said that isn’t it the responsibility of Chinese air force to keep robbers off the Chinese airspace. Another person said that it’s a humiliation for Chinese people and for China as a nation.

Is U.S. Strong enough to tackle with China?

But the question remains that is U.S.A ready for a tussle with China? China is an emerging superpower. It’s not Iraq or Afghanistan. Can America afford a war with a super power, when it has already wasted trillions of Dollars on the previous wars? It still hasn’t recovered fully from the economic loss it suffered during those wars.

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