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Chile Volcano erupts news

Chile Volcano erupts for the first time in 40 years! Thankfully there haven’t been any reports of injuries or deaths. However, a hiker is reported to be missing.

After being quiet for 40 years the volcano erupted twice in the time span of few hours. The first eruption created of cloud of 10km in the sky after which the second eruption took place. A huge amount of ash has been seen but so far hot lavas and rocks haven’t been seen. The authorities have declared red alert and over 4000 people in a 20km radius have been evacuated. The nearby towns of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas have been evacuated. Schools have also been shut down.

Although the volcano known by the name of Calbuco is very active but the eruption created a lot of panic. The people reported to have been very scared and frightened. They didn’t know what was going to happen to them. “In the beginning it was small then it started getting bigger then it got bigger and it was really terrifying”, said one of the residents. “It was a remarkable sight to see such a huge mushroom cloud, with the enormous force of the volcano. At that moment there was a lot of panic, traffic jams and there were people taking out money from ATM” said another resident. Another resident said that it sounded like a tractor grumbling and roaring.

The government is going to send water in case the ash contaminates the resources. An emergency situation has been imposed. Although no casualties have been reported people are being evacuated.

Chile is among the countries which have the largest chain of volcanoes. It lies second to Indonesia. Chile has 500 active volcanoes. The volcano is located in southern Chile and has last erupted in 1962. Another eruption took place in 1972 which was of a minor range.

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