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We cannot criticize these actors for wanting privacy Donald Trump USA Election 2016 Results News

We cannot criticize these actors for wanting privacy Donald Trump USA Election 2016 Results News. A week after the birth of their baby boy, Silas Randall Timberlake, the proud parents Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake uploaded photo of their son to instagram. Jessica, wearing a baseball cap and completely makeup free, is holding her baby boy in the picture. The photograph was uploaded without much fuss or publicity. The shot was simply uploaded to instagram just like normal parents would do. In the past celebrities used to introduce their babies to the world through glamorous magazines but the Timberlakes chose otherwise. Many other actors such as Ashton Kuchter have also stayed clear from the trend of publicizing their kid’s photographs. Ashton Kutcher made a collage of pictures of babies including his baby and uploaded it on instagram saying “guess which one is ours, or does it really matter, all babies are cute”. The singer Shakira did the same, by uploading picture of her baby’s foot.

We cannot criticize these actors for wanting privacy. They don’t want their occupation to affect their children and want their children to have a normal life. Having famous parents can be really tough for the kids. They have to deal with the criticism that’s targeting their parents. In a way it also targets them. The future of the kids is also determined by the success of their parents. The kids don’t have any privacy or a normal life. Everything they do gets highlighted. It is tough to be the child of a celebrity. So these parents don’t want their children’s life to be effected so early by their careers. They want to give a chance to their children to be who they are, rather than being overshadowed by their parent’s career. So the trend of publicizing the children’s photographs is almost over, although many celebrities still make a show of their children.

The American actress Jessica Biel began her career appearing in musical productions. She is known for her drama series 7th heaven for which she got acknowledged. The actress was in Minnesota on 3rd March, 1982. Her mother Kimberly is a house wife. Jonathan Biel, her father, was a worker at General Electric and a business consultant. She is of Choctaw, English, Irish, German and French Decent. The actress has won many awards over the years and has also been nominated for a lot of awards.

Justin Timberlake is an actor, singer and songwriter. He was born on 31st, January, 1981. His mother is Lyn Harles and father is Randall Timberlake. Mainly his career revolves around music industry but he has also worked in a few movies like “In-Time”, “Black Snake Moans” and “Alpha Dog”. He has also worked with singers like Madonna, with bands like the Duran Duran and 50 cents.

The couple got married after 5 years of dating. It hasn’t been smooth for the couple and they have had many rough patches during the course of years. A lot of criticism and negative publicity has surrounded these two. Timberlake has been reported to be cheating on the actress with Rihanna, Kate Hudson, and Olivia Munn. In March, 2011 the couple broke up. But in July, 2011 they got back together. Now, finally after many tough years they have got their happy ending.

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