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Bruce Jenner latest news

The reality show star and former athlete, Bruce Jenner wants to live as a woman. This transition is really hard on his family. His wife is completely confused and the children are in an emotional trauma.

On the show Khloe asked him if he’s planning on transforming soon to which he replied yes probably this spring. The family tried to keep it quiet but Bruce revealed the news in an interview with Diane Sawyer. The family didn’t know about the interview. Bruce hasn’t revealed his female name yet but Kim Kardashian Claims to know it. She also says that she has seen him dress up as a woman.  Kendall Jenner says that she was very little and she didn’t know about the entire situation, she would find makeup or lipstick. She thought her dad was having an affair but she didn’t dare tell anybody as she didn’t want her family to break apart.

The girls are devastated; Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have been seen in tears during the show. But Khloe tried to make the whole situation cheerful and brought gifts for Bruce.  Ex-wife Kris Kardashian is going to a tough time. She says she doesn’t know how to respond. She once walked in on him wearing a woman’s dress. She had no idea what it was or how to deal with it so she kept it a secret for 12 years. It’s not just the person going through the transition goes to the tough time but the entire family does. They all go through the phase of acceptance.

The star also went on about the details of surgeries he would go through. He is going to work on his forehead, also get a nose job and lift his upper lip. Khloe was worried about the operations. She says that it’s not something you decide spontaneously. They are very aggressive surgeries. Jenner would need psychotherapy and also consult a doctor before carrying out the procedures. Jenner says that the worst thing he ever had to do was to get a haircut. Before the news about his transformation his kids teased him about his pony tail.

Jenner was born on 28th October 1949. He had been a famous athlete. He won gold medal in the Olympics of summer 1976. He has been married to Kris Kardashian for 24 years. He is known to be the most famous transgender in America. Of course, why won’t he be? It’s obvious that being on a reality show can make you very famous in America. At least one family member of the Kardashian had some talent. He used to be famous as an athlete rather than being famous for just being on a reality show.

The family has been though many scandals and here comes another one. Well, most of the scandals have been publicity stunts. As many people that love Kardashians there are even more who hate them. People criticize how they got so famous for doing nothing. The entire family is just a bunch of plastics. The girls don’t have any talent. No one has the slightest clue as to why they are famous at all.


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