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Atkins can help you lose weight quickly and without the need to remain hungry

Introduction to Atkins:

Atkins is an amazing diet! I know what you are thinking. All the fat and meat would cause heart-problems and blood pressure. But have you heard about the modified Atkins? It allows you to eat complex carbs which are also known as good carbs. You can eat all the fruit and vegetables as well. It also allows a wide range of dairy products.  All you need to do is maintain 20 grams of carbohydrates per day which should mostly be consumed from vegetables and fruits. If you don’t need to lose a lot of weight you can start with maintaining 40 grams of carbs. It’s a diet where you don’t have to be hungry and still lose weight. Yes! the diet makes you irritable, lazy and nauseatic in the beginning. But you have to put some efforts in order to lose weight. The symptoms go away as you get used to the diet.

Phases of Atkins:

There are different phases of Atkins:

Phase 1: Induction Phase:

In this phase each day you need to eat 20grams of carbs for two weeks. In this phase you need to eat high fat, high protein, and low carbs like vegetables. Many people think of this phase as the entire Atkins plan. But it isn’t. It’s only to jump start your weight loss. The purpose of this phase is to shift your body from burning carbs to fats, thus starting weight loss. You will be staying in this phase till you are 15 pounds from your weight goal. Moving through the plan you will find your personal carb balance. This means the maximum amount of carbs you can consume while still losing weight and staying energized.

Phase 2: Balancing you diet:

In this phase you slowly begin adding pulses, nuts and fruits back to your diet. You have to find a balanced diet that is good for you. Maintain the momentum you gained from first phase. You will have to remain in this phase till you are 10 pounds from your weight. You can also switch to Phase 3 sooner if you want to slow down your weight loss. In this phase you have to find your personal carb balance. You will start at 25 gram of carbs and keep on adding 5 grams every day. The number could be between 30 to 80 grams or even higher. The number is affected by your activity level, gender and age.

Phase 3: Fine- Tuning:

In this phase you keep on adding additional carbs to your diet until the weight loss slows down. Stay in this phase until you reach your weight goal and maintain it for a month. You need to find your endurance for carbs while maintaining your ideal weight.

Phase 4: Life time maintenance:

In this phase you eat all the foods you have been eating already. But you experiment with them. If you feel eating certain foods make you gain weight avoid them or eat them occasionally.

Well these phases maybe a little difficult to follow so all you can do is avoid certain foods such as sugar, grains, high carb vegetables, fruits and starches.

Benefits of Atkins:  

Atkins can help you lose weight quickly and without the need to remain hungry. It’s really effective and it can make you lose up to 6 pounds in the first week. Yes it’s a little tough for the carb lovers. But you have to make some sacrifices for losing weight. The main thing that you need to do is calculate your carbs. It seems hectic. But it’s not. All you need to do is download a carb calculator or a calorie counter from you app store.

Now speaking of the side effects! Yes it does make you dizzy and lazy. But if you remain determined during the first few days, they ultimately go away. Moreover, you can also take one day break from the diet once a week. This will boost your appetite and the next morning you will be more determined to follow the diet.

You should find the right amount of carbs at which you lose weight. It can be different for different people. People who live active lives can eat lots of carbs and still lose weight. So it’s all about what suits you.

Now, are you ready to lose weight?

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