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How to approve your Google Adsense account in India and Pakistan in Hindi-Urdu in 2017

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to approve your Google Adsense approval in India and Pakistan. Adsence is an easy way to earn money at home. All you need is patience and a little hard work. Following are some of the techniques which can help in the approval of your Adsense account:

Original and Unique Content:

The most important thing for approving your Google Adsense account is that you have completely original content in your blog/website. Google Adsense is strictly against copyrighted material. If you have copied anything from another website your Adsense won’t get approved. You can do your research from different website and then generate the article completely in your own words. To make sure your content is unique, use plagiarism software on your content before applying to Adsense.

Minimum Number of Posts:

Make sure that you have at least 30-50 unique posts before applying to Adsense account. Although, quality is more important than quantity, but you need to have sufficient content in order to get your Adsense approved. It would also help if you had 2-3 lengthy articles of almost two thousand words.  If you don’t have enough material in your site Adsense would be rejected saying that you have insufficient material. So don’t be impatient. Make sure that you generated enough articles, and then apply to Adsense.

Pages You Must Add:

Before applying to Google Adsense your site must contain About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. You might do everything right but if you haven’t added these pages your Adsense account won’t get approved. You don’t need to right a lot of detail in these pages. Just one line would suffice.

Avoid Third Party Ads:

A lot of people say that third party ads won’t do you good when you apply to Adsense. So when you apply for Google Adsense remove any codes from Infolink, Chitika, Yahoo Ads and many others. Google strictly analyses your website and it is said that they don’t appreciate seeing other ads on your website. Thus, just to be on the safe side, remove other ads from your website.

Website Design and User Friendliness:

Google wants your website to have a professional design and colour scheme. Make your website user friendly as well so that visitors keep coming back. It would also help a lot if your site is mobile friendly because many people use internet on their smart phones or tablets. Also keep updating the design of your website.

Keep Your site Updated:

Make sure you post 3-5 articles per week to get your Adsense approval. If you have a dead site Google will not approve your Adsense account.

Alexa Ranking:

Some people believe that Adsense approval has nothing to do with Alexa rank. But many others believe it is an important factor. It is believed to be an effective way of getting a quick approval from Google Adsense. Although, it isn’t compulsory but if your rank is below 400k, it would really help you get a very fast approval.

If you want to know how to boost your Alexa rank go to this link http://cyrace.com/2015/05/boost-alexa-rank-beginners/

Age of the blog or website:

The age of the website also matters in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. Google has set requirement for these countries that the blog or website should be at least 6 months old in order to get Adsense approval.

Be patient:

To be a blogger the most important thing you need is patience. If you don’t get your approval the first time, don’t lose hope. Keep trying again and again.

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