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America and turkey news in hindi Urdu

America and turkey are planning to keep ISIS fighters away from Southern Turkish border in a combined effort. An official of State Department said that they want to keep these terrorists off their borders and work together with them.

Officials of US coalition, fighting the ISIS group are going to meet in Paris on Tuesday. The meeting is more urgent and important since the ISIS has captured Ramadi. Ramadi is the capital of Iraq’s province, Anbar. The terrorist group is also advancing successfully in Syria. Prime Minister of Iraq, al-Abadi, will attend the meeting. He might ask for help to reclaim Ramadi. This will include recruiting new soldiers and more Sunni tribal fighters.

But it’s unclear how much Obama’s administration is willing to provide help. They aren’t reading to send teams onto the battlefield. A state Department official however, said that Iraqis are in need of help and we are going to provide them help. Two thousand weapons have been sent to Iraq so that the citizens can defend themselves. They have also trained seven thousand Iraqi soldiers.

Head of the Anbar police was fired by Abadi after ISIS took hold of Ramadi. John Kerry was going to address the meeting in Paris but he broke his leg during cycling in France. Therefore, Antony Blinken, the Deputy Secretary will take his place.

The number of attacks by ISIS is increasing day by day. There were three suicide attacks on police base in Ramadi. Fourty policemen were reported dead. Turkey and America have had their differences but both want to fight ISIS. They have had their differences on how to deal with the ISIS. Turkey is facing the problem of refugees from Syria. They wanted to overthrow Bashar-Al-Asad and create a buffer zone in Syria. The American government wasn’t very willing to entertain this idea at that time. But now they are working towards a plan. It may not be as huge as creating a buffer zone. They details haven’t been revealed yet but if any agreement took place, it would be after Turkish parliamentary elections.

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