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Alexa it gets you more preference on Google in 2017

Boosting Alexa rank is very important. If you have a good rank on Alexa it gets you more preference on Google. You get more advertisement offers from companies and more guest posts. In order to boost your rank you will first need to understand how Alexa processes.

Introduction to Alexa:

Alexa measures how your site is doing relative to other sites. It tells you how better you are in comparison to other sites. It’s affected not only by your site’s traffic but also by the other sites’ traffic. If any other website is doing better than yours, your site’s rank will decrease.

How does Alexa collect its Data?

Alexa collects its data through traffic data panel which comprises of billions of people from all over the world.  On the basis of this sample’s data, Alexa estimates the amount of people visiting all the sites on internet. They also make sure that this data is free of spam and fake traffic. It also excludes any visits from bots etc. So you get the most accurate results for your site.

How does Alexa Calculate Ranks:

Alexa makes an estimate of the pageviews and the average daily visitors for past 3 months. The site which has the most visitors and the most pageviews is ranked number 1 while the site which has the least is ranked among 30 million. The site which hasn’t been visited by Alexa’s panel for past 3 months isn’t ranked at all.

Following steps will help you boost your rank on Alexa:

Register Your Website on Alexa:

The first step on your way to boosting your rank is registering your site on Alexa. When you register yourself on Alexa it helps improve your rank. People can also click on it to find out your rank. If your website or blog has a good ranking it will create a positive image in the eyes of the visitor.



Place Alexa Rank Widget on Your Site:

Placing Alexa rank widget helps you improve ranking. As I said earlier Alexa’s ranking is based on number of hits passing through their system. So putting the widget can help improve Alexa traffic.

Produce Unique Content:

Always put unique and quality content on your website. This will not only help improve your rank but will also increase your traffic. When you have more traffic your rank will ultimately improve. So you have a double benefit. Unique content doesn’t mean that you can’t take help from online information. You can definitely do your research. Gain all the knowledge you want about the topic. Then write the article completely in your own words. Try to make your articles interesting so that it engages the users. Do not copy!

Make Sure Your Website has a Great SEO:

Make your site user friendly along with promoting it. SEO not only requires you to promote your site but also make it a good experience for the user. Having a user friendly website is very important for creating and retaining visitors. So focus on your SEO and keep updating it.

Create Good Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks really help you improve your rank. You can create backlinks by making comments on other blogs and websites. It helps you more if the websites are high ranked and well reputed. Although, don’t post too much otherwise your website will be considered as spam.

Update Your Site Regularly:

Try to keep your website updated. Try posting 1-3 articles daily. Nobody likes dead websites. In order to gain traffic you need posts. So keep on updating quality content. Focus more on quality rather than quantity.

Write an Article about Alexa:

It is said that writing about Alexa on your site improves your ranking. You should give it a try. When you research about Alexa for the article it will improve your knowledge as well. You will know about more tips and techniques of improving your website.

Keep Updating Your Website Design:

Make sure that your website is up to date. Technology is constantly evolving. Use latest tools for developing and updating your website. It will make your website user friendly. It will ultimately help gain and retain visitors.

Focus on the Keywords:

Using appropriate keywords can help making your content visible in search engines. Don’t overload your content with keywords. Use them where they would naturally appear in the article. Important key words should be used a few times in the articles. Make sure the key word appears in your URL.

Another important thing is to use keyword in alt text of the images. Images can generate a lot of traffic from Google Images. Try to keep your images small as long as it doesn’t affect quality. Small images take less time to load and help you get more traffic.

Develop Site map for Your Website:

Make a good sitemap for your website. Site map helps bots understand how your website is arranged. If you have a good site map it will help your pages get indexed in search engines.

Submitting Your Blog/Website to Search Engines:

Submit your website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. It helps getting your content indexed in a short time.

Create Pages on Social Media:

Create a page on Google plus and Facebook. Share your content regularly on these pages. It will help you improve your traffic and ranking.

Twitter Account:

Create an account for your website on twitter. Share all the links of your new articles on twitter.

Create an RSS Feed:

RSS feed helps visitors to subscribe to your website. It also notifies the subscribers whenever new content is uploaded.



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