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AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose WWE TLC 2016 Match Result

AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose WWE TLC 2016 Match ResultAJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose WWE TLC 2016 Match

The miz vs. Dolph ziggler
Those have had a few clearly cool matches, and i’m a fan of both, however it’s time for this element to stop. If you asked the question who desires to win greater, the solution is ziggler. He still wishes validation because of the ringer he is been put via the closing five years or so.

As long as we see an epic ladder suit and a definitive finishing, i’ll be satisfied. I’m now not awaiting to be upset on this one.


The daniel bryan-miz aspect needs to be going somewhere. I am no longer sure where, but it appears as though it has a few legs. What if bryan one way or the other reasons the miz to lose the in shape? That could supply ziggler the name, free him of the feud with the miz, and it’d supply the program with bryan a few legitimacy. Could bryan be cleared to struggle at wrestlemania? A return of the sure movement would be epic for wrestlemania.

AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose WWE TLC 2016 Match 

Virtually, ambrose isn’t on styles’ degree as an in-ring performer. I do not think styles can be at his fine with ambrose as his adversary. If we’re being completely truthful, patterns changed into lots higher while he became going head-to-head with cena.

With any luck, james ellsworth would not have an excessive amount of to do with this suit. I agree with his vicinity on this feud has run its course. It’s excellent that is a tlc in shape as it’s going to want some remarkable spots to be worthy of main event popularity.

Capability swerve

Ellsworth could activate ambrose. It’s tough to think about a logical cause, however that is professional wrestling, on occasion common sense best receives inside the way of the amusing. Aside from that, this figures to be a directly battle without a loopy surprises.

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